Why choose ANKAN

Ankan employees distinguish themselves by living the values that drive our culture. We are professionals who have earned our ranks through years of learning and practice in the real world of business. We consciously separate ourselves from the run-of-the-mill consultants because we do not chase billable hours but solutions that deliver the promises we make. We consider ourselves PRACTITIONERS!

We Stay The Course

Business problems do not suddenly disappear. In fact, left alone they fester. It takes careful diagnosis, well-researched solutions and flawless implementation to fix problems. At Ankan, we are committed to working with our clients on agreed solutions until those problems are resolved to the client’s satisfaction.

Been There, Done That

Because we are trained SCM Professionals with years of real-industry experience, we better appreciate the challenges business face, the options open to them and the approaches to reach an optimum solution. Our encounters with and resolution of real-life scenarios give us the confidence. Our peer networks and access to best practices enable us to deploy tailored solutions for our clients.

We Measure Our Success by Yours

We owe it to ourselves and the culture at Ankan to treat every client engagement with integrity. We identify key measures of client success and those KPIs are how we judge our own success. If it’s important to the client, it is everything to us!

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

While it is true that when you face a problem you’ve encountered before, your experience serves you well, no two issues are exactly the same. The dimensions may be different, different industries put different colourations on the problems, timing could play a large role or the culture at play may require different strategies. Our client-focus and drive for innovation allows us to tailor-make solutions that can be implemented with improved chances of success.