Our Services

Our Services

Giving Smartness to your Business

Strategy Design & Implementation

Helping to develop and implement the strategy appropriate for connecting your business to the most effective and efficient network of suppliers, providing end-to-end solutions for the acquisition and utilization of goods and services

Data Analytics & Decisioning

Building the infrastructure and competence to extract insights and value from your organizational data on procurement, consumption, storage and distribution of goods for good decision-making

Technology Selection, Implementation & Support

Supply chains are now very complex and open to disruptions. Technology allows for digitization and visibility and provides the foundation for efficient networks and internal operations. We work with organizations to select configure and implement the most cost-effective technology solutions

Talent Development

In a fast evolving and complex landscape, we support organizations to identify and build the skillset of today and the future to position their Supply Chain teams to create value today while getting ready for the future

Projects & Operations

With an experience team of professionals, we take on or support organization to engage in, undertake and flawlessly execute projects or operational initiatives, including:

Organizations come together, through mergers and acquisitions, to leverage their strengths and reduce their individual weaknesses. Consolidating spend and leveraging the new market power does not come without smart planning and execution. Allow us to utilize our deep knowledge of the industry and experience working on M&As to support your efforts in this respect.
Progressive organizations are realizing that value comes from a focus on core competencies. Even when inhouse procurement teams exist, some aspects of sourcing are best done by external, skilled 3rd parties to reduce both the cost of procurement and lifecycle cost of goods and services. For some SMEs, this could be for all procurement needs. Allow us to deploy our expertise to support your business, whether it is one-time project specific needs, ongoing spend consolidation or acting as International Procurement Organization for cross-boarder sourcing.
Sourcing strategic categories of goods and services requires good project management. Understanding business requirement, market dynamics and the risk profile are key elements to designing the most appropriate strategy. Deploying that strategy requires multiple skills that include RFx design, risk management, negotiations and drafting. Allow us to bring years of experience at several levels and industries to help you.
Keeping the right amount of inventory (input materials, WiP and finished products) is key to lowering holding costs and freeing up capital for alternative value-added deployment. Determining what to keep and at what quantities requires skills, ensuring that the goods are ready for use when needed requires expertise and appropriate technology. Ankan brings a wealth of skills and experience to work with organizations to optimize their inventories and storage networks.
Moving input and raw materials to processing centres and getting finished products to customers can be intricate and challenging. Whether serving local and regional markets or shipping globally, the planning, execution and measuring of logistics performance is critical to lowering costs. Allow us to design your network, choose the right routing, modes and partners for achieving your goals.
When parties engage in contractual relationships, obligations are expected to be fulfilled. Ensuring that they are is a fundamental expectation of good contract management. The difference between the expected and realized value robs organizations of significant amounts of money. Allow us to bring our expertise, tools and negotiating skills to close this gap and recover any losses. Ankan can also help to build the inhouse capability around Supplier Relationship Management that ensures future protections.
A fast evolving field, SCRM takes a predictive look at risks within your supply chain and builds organizational resilience to eliminate, reduce or mitigate them. The unpredictable nature of risks mean that SCM must stay vigilant and educated about what’s coming around the bend. Ankan brings the experiences of many practitioners who have led and managed SCRM to support organizations build robust systems for this.
Producing the goods we need to meet today’s needs while protecting the ability of future generations to meet theirs has become a core principle in managing our supply chains. Profit, People and the Planet can be and must be protected in the acquisition and use of goods and services. Demand to meet local and international standards and being able to report the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects is growing among stakeholders. With decades of collective experience managing the intersection of SCM and Sustainability, we can support your organization on this journey.

The difference between a really great company and a good one can be found in the effectiveness and efficiency of their end-to-end supply chains

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